For a complete rundown of how to use ig analytics for your business account, we suggest taking a looksee at this blog post. Make serious connections (in real time) using instagram live. This feature helps you engage your audience and can give you a major step up when it comes to brand authenticity. Using instagram live, you can connect with viewers, invite them to join your live video, present shoppable products and more.

For more on using instagram live for business, check out this no-sweat, tear-free guide to ig live. The instagram guides feature allows you to curate content around a particular theme or goal. For example, you could create an ig guide to a certain product launch, sale or brand information.

Story Features Pinned Comments

Pinned comments. Comments generally show up either sorted by time. Posted or whatever comment the viewer will be most interested in thanks algorithm. But by pinning a comment, you can control what your audience sees first. Pinned comments show up directly below the post’s caption, directing the viewer’s attention to a particular message.

Businesses can use pinned comments to amplify b2b leads positive messages, draw attention to frequently asked questions or simply put a funny comment front and centre. Pinning a comment is easy: here’s how to do it.

to create an instagram guide, you don’t need to make new content: think of a guide like a batch of already-published content that you’ve gathered together for a specific purpose.

Instagram Messaging Features.

Take it to the dms: direct messages are a private way to interact on instagram. You can start up a dm with any instagram account to communicate directly. This is the best place to have a conversation that you don’t want the whole world to see.

To get the most out of your instagram dms, here’s BOLD Data an essential guide. Group chats are just like dms. A but they include three or more accounts. Group chats are a great way to share content or talk with a small group of people (and send memes, obvs).instagram group chats can actually include up to 250 accounts, which feels a bit like having a turkey setting on a microwave. Seriously, who needs that?

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