Simply nee to have such tools in your arsenal. They take on a huge part of the process – they help plan placement on several channels at the same time. This will noticeably streamline your work and optimize the effort you put into each account. With the help of special programs, you can scheule the placement of ten content plans with two posts a day for a whole month in advance! It is enough for a specialist to monitor the correctness of the material (suddenly, he mixe up something), and spend the rest of the time on solving complex problems.

Convenient Calendar

Even with a single customer existing in different channels, it is much easier to work with deferre posting. You can simultaneously publish on any network provide by the service. Albegova Maria Albegova Maria Blog eitor Another advantage is that you are not tie to time. For example, you live in Vladivostok, but work with Moscow business. Time zones do not match, but this Special Database is not a reason to refuse a client or post at an inconvenient time. How to post on a scheule using stock social meia tools If you work through one channel in principle.

Special Database

Photographer And Designer

With the site’s own capabilities So you don’t have to transfer account data to third-party applications, worry about security and understand the interface. How to use delaye posting “Vkontakte” There you can set the date and clock directly in the eitor. For this: For this: Write the text, add a photo oand a link – arrange it in the form in which you want to see the Bold Data message in the fee. Open the menu next to “Now”. Set the time. Click on the “Queue” button How to publish posts on a scheule in Odnoklassniki In the group in OK, you nee to do about the same thing. Enter a message and click on settings. Then set the timer. Overview of delaye posting services.

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