Ntempra srl is a google partner for the design. Creation and management of promotional campaigns on the google.It search engine and on the youtube.Com portal . Through the adwords circuit.Google adwords is today the most effective and direct sem (search engine marketing) tool. Available to companies that intend to promote their products and services on google. Youtube and on all the sites of the adsense display network.With google adwords it is possible to carefully select the target of the advertising message via geographical location and product sector. And pay per click. I.E. For the actual visits received on your website.


With just a 300 euro budget

With just a 300 euro budget. A well-organised and targeted sem campaign guarantees over 300.000 impressions (views of the advertising message) and at least 2.500 new guaranteed visits from customers interested in what you do.For more information

Promoting your company or making your product/service known is new database now more convenient thanks to the bonus of up to 250 euros of adwords credit offered by intempra in collaboration with google for adwords campaigns started by 15 november 2013.


There are no longer the consultants of the past

There are no longer the consultants of the past… Fortunately.Today. Businesses and public administrations are Bold Data increasingly looking for complex services. The result of the fusion of different and complementary skills. To respond to this need. Six successful companies have decided to work together to provide integrated strategic consultancy. Creating a new entity with distinctive characteristics in terms of organizational methods.

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