Start on time and end on time. Be consistent and others will come to know they need to respect the meeting time slot. It’s about building consistency and ensuring that people know what to expect at each meeting. I.e. It won’t run over into other work or make someone miss the start of another meeting! If you’re having a longer meeting. Include some break times. Even for a quick email check or coffee top-up as it gives people a chance to refresh and regroup. “i’ve never been a fan of long meetings cramped up in offices. (standing during meetings) is a much quicker way of getting down to business. Making a decision. And sealing the deal.” richard branson 8.

Define clear next steps

Define clear next steps & actions the end result of a successful meeting is clear steps and actions. Take time at the end of every meeting to clarify the next steps. Also. Make sure to end on a positive note so everyone goes away feeling energized. This should involve a task and then someone assigned to that task. Let everyone in the meeting contribute or if it’s obvious that a certain task is part of someone’s role just say “is it okay if i assign that one to you x?” after the meeting. It’s important to share notes or outcomes so there’s no miscommunication and everyone is aware of what actions they’re responsible for. It can be helpful to have the notes in a shared document or folder so everyone can keep track of the latest updates.

Whether it's for me or someone else

In the words of dave behan from dmi. “one of my key focuses in project meetings is to record tasks/outcomes directly back into our project management system. Whether it’s for me or someone else. We’ll pick up those actions in the project review meetings and this ensures they are followed up and items don’t slip through the cracks.” you should also include deadlines so people have a timeline to work towards. If it’s not achieved it can be discussed in the next meeting as to what the barriers were and see if that person requires support or guidance. 9. Ask for feedback while you may think a meeting went well or daily catch-ups are very productive. Others may not feel the same.

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