step towards success. Don’t miss the opportunity. Request your free consultation now . Webinar “From ABM to Account Based Growth” Return to index Is ABG really the future of marketing? The account based growth (ABG) approach represents a highly effective marketing strategy, capable of quickly leading to lasting results. Through team alignment and personalization of offers and communications , as well as the use of the most modern digital technologies , companies can successfully identify, engage and convert target accounts. This marketing

argeting accounts with the greatest growth

approach increases revenue by targeting accounts with the greatest growth potential, and helps build strong, long-term relationships. To successfully adopt the account based growth approach, it is essential to develop agile and dynamic strategies  B2b Leads   , improving company performance through constant monitoring of results . In an increasingly competitive market, ABG is the most effective approach to seeing your business grow. Plan your account based growth strategy now with partners up to the challenge.

How to change negotiations and contracts in knowledge work

How to change negotiations and contracts in knowledge work: we talk about it with Jacopo Romei. Jacopo Romei currently helps companies develop their products in conditions of uncertainty, both in the start-up scene and in corporate venture building. He tells us about himself: ” I have been paid to program since 1996, which led me to create three IT companies: I destroyed two, while the third was a success. I fell in love with lean and agile methods in 2003 and have been promoting better practices ever since for the development of digital products and so-called knowledge work. Before and after being hired by eBay in 2012, as a freelancer, I worked  BOLD Data   for many European companies, including Amazon, Siemens, FAO, Lavazza and Innoleaps. I love ski mountaineering , sailing, gliding, 3D printing, programming robots and, recently, making cider .” In 2011, working as an entrepreneur, the author began to question how

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