However, it is not enough to simply implement mechanisms protecting personal data. Each administrator should regularly check and evaluate the effectiveness of the tools usd. To sum up, when introducing a loyalty program, it is crucial to take into account and apply two guiding principles: “privacy by design” and “privacy by default”. They will provide administrators with guidance on the security of the implementation of the loyalty program.

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Step two  minimize the collectd data One of the key principles of the GDPR is data minimization. Data minimization means Latest Mailing Database that personal data is adequate, relevant and limitd to what is necessary to achieve the purposes for which it is processd. Therefore, the data controller should remember to limit the scope of collectd personal data in each process of personal data processing. Therefore, it seems that for the processing of personal data to be in line with the GDPR.

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The data controller should process only the data that is necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data was obtaind. This principle Bold Data also applies to the implementation of loyalty program solutions. The scope of personal data collectd as part of this type of promotion may be extendd, Forcing the administrator to provide a lot of personal data by the participant of the loyalty program, including in particular.

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