What is the best tide phase for fishing?

High tide or low tide?

This article will discuss the topic of tides and their importance in successful fishing.

Let me explain..

Introduction Ocean tides greatly affect the activity of fish in estuaries

So it is good if we know some things related Latest Mailing Database to the tides of the ocean.

When fishing in the estuary, one question that often comes up is:

What are the best times and types of water suitable for fishing?

Therefore, this writing will try to explain the relationship between fish behavior and ocean tides in a simple way.

How Do Ocean Tides Occur?
Ocean tides by the moon
The moon has the greatest effect on tidal currents. Although the moon is much smaller than the sun, it is closer to the earth. As a result, it has twice the strength of attraction towards our oceans, compared to the sun.
How do ocean tides occur?

Ocean tides occur as a result of a combination of three factors, namely the effect of the earth’s rotation , the sun’s gravity and the moon’s gravity.

The combination of these three factors is what causes the sea level to rise and fall

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There are two types of ocean tides, namely:

Big tides ( spring tides )
small tides ( neap tides )
During the full moon, big tides ( spring tides ) will occur BOLD Data because of the strong gravitational pull of the moon at this time.

This phenomenon causes high tides to be higher than normal, and low tides to be lower than normal.

On the other hand, when the moon is crescent (1/4 and 3/4 moon phases), the moon’s gravity at this time has the weakest pulling power.

At this point, small tides ( neap tides ) exist, which is where the tide is lower than the normal level, and the low tide is higher than the normal low tide.

Malaysia often experiences ocean tides twice a day.

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