One of the many million-dollar questions of e-commerce. Is it better to sell a product or sell a service. Most would rightly answer “it depends…”. Since I like to get wet from time to time, I will give you some clues about the advantages and consequently disadvantages of one or the other option.

Advantages of selling a product online

Advantages of selling a product online I still have the thorn in my top industry data side that I have never directly sold a physical product online. I have worked at Coguan for many clients but I have never had my own business of this type. This will soon change when Alex and I will finally start selling dryers on Amazon. I’ll tell you about it. Within the physical product sales modality there are also nuances and variants. 

Advantages of selling a service online

Advantages of selling a service BOLD Data online At first glance, services can have many advantages over products when selling online. In reality, it is above all the level of risk that is infinitely lower because sometimes very little investment is required to start. It does not require stock and usually has a lower production cost. It is easier to apply a subscription model and generate repeat purchases each month.

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