The holter device provides the necessary technology to perform this important exam. Combining a monitor, cables and electrodes, the device is lightweight and portable , allowing it to be used for extended periods. In addition, it contributes to patient comfort during long-term electrocardiography . In this article, I present details about holter equipment, how it works and how it differs from ABPM . Watch to the end to check out a bonus with telemedicine solutions to save on holter purchases . How is the holter device? The holter device is used for cardiological examination , consisting of a monitor connected by cables to electrodes.

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But in general, three to eight electrodes are used, which are attached to the patient’s chest. Once the device is turned on, these small parts pick Russia Phone Number Data up electrical signals that make the heart beat and send them to the holter monitor through the cables. These signals are amplified and recorded by the device in the form of a tracing, composing the ECG holter graphs . Modern equipment even allows the patient to indicate the occurrence of symptoms during holter recording by pressing the event button . Thus, it will be possible to correlate clinical manifestations such as dizziness and palpitations with the occurrence of heartbeat abnormalities .

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More and more importance in the diagnosis of arrhythmias and pathological heart rhythms. What is the difference between holter device Bold Data and map? Basically, the difference between holter and ABPM is the vital sign measured by each one of them. While the holter monitors the heart rate (HR) , ABPM registers fluctuations in blood pressure . This becomes clear when we remember that the acronym ABPM stands for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring . To meet the purpose of the exam in question, each device is made up of different parts .

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