Ecg and Pericarditis: How to Diagnose by Electrocardiogram

The electrocardiogram is the main complementary exam to support the detection of this inflammatory condition, with the advantages of high availability and speed. However, ECG features in acute pericarditis can be confused with other more common conditions, especially myocardial infarction . There are details that help in the differential diagnosis , accelerating the appropriate management of the patient. I talk about them in the next few lines, in addition to bringing information about ECG, pericarditis and the advantages of telemedicine in identifying heart diseases.

ECG and pericarditis: understand how the diagnosis is made

The pericardium, the membrane that covers the heart muscle, is not electrically active, which may be strange about the use of ECG to detect inflammation Qatar Phone Number Data in this area. However, it is worth remembering that the inflammatory condition affects the epicardium , which has contact with the myocardium. Hence the possibility of detecting pericarditis from the analysis of the electrocardiogram. The diagnosis considers clinical manifestations, patient history and complementary exams. In addition to the ECG, laboratory tests , chest X-ray , computed tomography , echocardiogram , magnetic resonance imaging , among others, can be requested.

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Electrocardiogram or ECG is a test that measures

The electrical activity of the heart. To do so, he uses a device called an electrocardiograph , consisting of a monitor connected by cables to electrodes. Once Bold Data positioned on the chest and extremities of the patient’s arms and legs, the electrodes capture and amplify the electrical signals emitted during heartbeats. And they send the data to the monitor, which converts them into graphs with oscillations – the famous electrocardiogram waves . In a sinus rhythm tracing. Each beat is made up of a P wave.  A QRS complex, and a T wave , where: The P wave corresponds to the contraction of the atria. It is rounded and smooth, lasting less than 0.

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