Do You Use Google Analytics 4 For Your Business?

Already started setting up your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) reports after the shock of losing a version of your favorite analytics tool and adopting GA4?
Don’t worry, he’s not the only one; In addition, we congratulate you on anticipating GA4 adoption by July 1, 2023 , which is when Universal Analytics (UA) will stop processing data.

To make the transition from UA to GA4 easier, we share some tips on how to access reporting in GA4 and what you need to ensure you track what you need to Korea Phone Number Data measure your return on investment (ROI) and other key metrics in Google Analytics 4.

Does the reporting dashboard make you feel like an alien in a world you used to know well?

Although the following is not a community service announcement, it is important: have you checked to see if your transition to GA4 affected your Google Ads account(s)? Next, you’ll probably want to import your Google Analytics 4 conversions for bidding and/or add Google Analytics audiences to your campaigns or ad groups for remarketing purposes.

GA4 reports

The reporting dashboard and reports in Google Analytics 4 underwent major changes. GA4 offers fewer predefined reports, but gives the user more opportunities to create their own reports based on their individual needs. Gone are the days of trying to fit round data into square reports – now you can create reports that highlight exactly what you need.

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What you need to track to measure ROI

Google Analytics 4 uses data modeling and machine learningto collect information previously provided by browser cookies so that one can continue to generate reports on website and campaign performance while respecting consumers’ privacy. GA4 unifies data from websites and mobile apps into a single reporting view to measure user journeys and interactions between apps, devices, and websites as people transition to conversion. Platform metrics for non-Google products, such as shares and comments, still need to Bold Data be tracked on their respective platforms, but GA4 can track visits from these channels, thus mapping customer journeys between apps and products. websites.

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