Buyer personas defined It is essential to know the specific people you want to target through B2B marketing activities . Who are the customers? What are their demographics and psychographics? What is their purchasing journey and where do they look for information about certain products or services? Optimized website The b2b website is the most important resource for both marketing and sales. In most cases, users visit the company website before thinking about talking to salespeople.

The website must tell

The company’s story, offer valuable content and be optimized every week to improve performance. Find out more in our video! Sale process It is necessary to establish a specific sales process, which everyone in the company must follow. If prospects receive conflicting communications at various stages of the buyer’s journey, they will feel confused attract B2b Leads the right and may decide to interrupt the process. B2B marketing and sales must be aligned, so that the tone of messages, corporate storytelling and the methods used by the two departments are consistent.

Qualification criteria

 The lead qualification process is crucial for knowing your target audience and starting the correct strategies to increase the curiosity of valuable storytelling BOLD Data to contacts; this is an operation in which it is good to invest, to recognize the nature of the lead and quickly identify potential customers. Competent resources To make B2B marketing and sales strategies work, the activities need to be carried out by people with the right skills.

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