Which concerns elisabetta. Here she is the one who speaks and puts herself on the front line. Telling the story behind the scenes of her work but also sharing family moments. Her passion for animals. Her holidays. The moments with her husband and telling about her foundation . Among the #s most us by “Betty” : #eiochepensavoche and #efnonlasciartingannaralluccichio which summarize the passion and resourcefulness that accompani her in all phases of her life. Elisabetta understood the importance of letting followers not only behind the scenes of her brand. But also into her personal life. The posts in which elisabetta appears represent approximately 27% of the total posts. Contributing 42% to the value generat by the instagram page. However.

Optimal Vision Nes of Aviators and Sports

Her posts are among those with a higher engagement and a higher average value. Proving the strength of her presence in the brand’s Business database  communication channels. Chiara ferragni collection chiara ferragni. Owner of her eponymous brand . Chiara ferragni collection . Uses a strategy that differs from that of elisabetta franchi by maintaining the profiles of the influencer and the brand separate. Manag with different logics albeit with some common elements. Chiara ferragni collection presents itself as a business profile separate from the personal one. The communication line leaves ample space for the collections and the influencer is mostly present as the brand’s “Model”.

Pilots Including Gabriele D’annunzio

Whose posts. Around 30% of the total. Are still the most successful. In fact. The brand’s top post in the period analyz still sees it as the protagonist. Presenting its latest collaboration with champion which we talk about here. The miv® obtain from the chiara ferragni collection profile in the period analyz is approximately €7.5m . A decidly high value especially considering the above distinction. Which testifies to an undoubtly very strong mia impact on the part of the chiara ferragni woman on BOLD Data  her own brand. In both cases analys. Elisabetta franchi and chiara ferragni represent two examples of successful italian women entrepreneurs. But also of valuable personal branding for their respective companies.

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