Memorization techniques are attention and concentration stimulation practices that help our brain understand the relevance of certain information. They are especially indicated for those who are studying for an important test, such as the Enem and the entrance exam. And thinking about helping you understand how memorization techniques work and what they are, we brought this content. You will check: How memory works The stages of human learning Memorize X Decorate The 10 best memorization techniques to put into practice How to find out which memorization techniques work for you How to prepare to put memorization techniques into practice with 5 tips 4 memorization myths to bust How memory works When we talk about memory, we are talking about the brain’s ability to absorb and store information.

Memory is one of the most complex

Functions of the human body. It occurs when neurons, or nerve cells, make connections with each other at points called synapses. As soon as Oman Phone Number Data information is captured by the visual organs, the brain chooses where to take this information, whether to the frontal cortex, where short-term memory processing takes place, or to the hippocampus, where long-term memory storage takes place. To store information, the brain uses two forms: called procedural memory and declarative memory. The first is that memory that keeps a pattern, the same way of doing something. These are motor, sensory and intellectual memories.

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For example, the brain uses this shape to

Memorize how your hand picks up a mug or how it makes your body behave when you feel ashamed. Declarative memory, on the other hand, is the one that makes data association, deduction and creates new information. It is a form used by Bold Data the brain when you need to remember something more consciously. For example, when you remember your dog’s name or when you memorize your mother’s phone number. In addition to these two ways of storing information in the brain, there are other types of memories with different and more specific functions. See what they are: Procedural memory.

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