But more and more fashion brands are starting to incorporate into their digital marketing strategies following the lockdown period. Marc jacobs is one of the many brands in the fashion industry that have launch the “work from home” initiative. Members of the fashion house’s team share their “work from home” work from marc jacobs’ collection. Along with how they’ve been inspir in these unprecent times. This method doubles the role of employee branding. As it allows the brand to celebrate the team that is truly at the heart of the company. And highlights how much they love the company they work for . Engaging the audience through genuine content can ultimately inspire consumers on how to wear the collection. But also provide an authentic testimonial.

Its Fame to the Creation of the Protector

As consumers today also buy into the intangible values ​​of a brand. And not just the product communication. Elisabetta franchi and chiara ferragni represent two examples of women entrepreneurs who have successfully work on what is call personal branding . With results known to all industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts. In the period 1 january – 30 april. We analys. Through our proprietary mia impact value™ algorithm . The mia impact generat by both with respect to the brands they represent: elisabetta franchi and chiara ferragni collection. Index elisabetta franchi: #sevuoipuoi chiara ferragni collection elisabetta franchi: business lead  #sevuoipuoi elisabetta franchi is certainly a woman who has a story to tell.

Glasses Design to Meet the Protection and

In some recent interviews the emilian designer shar the difficulties she had to face in her career: a childhood that was not at all happy and an adolescence full of sacrifices and pain. Saw her go from selling in a market stall. Waking up at 4 in the morning. Morning to become an entrepreneur of a brand that in 2019 had a turnover of 123 million euros. The storytelling of elisabetta franchi and BOLD Data her collections is strong and creates value. Specifically over 20 million euros in miv® generat. In the analysis period. Exclusively from the brand’s instagram page. The profile of the brand is a perfect mix b

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