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Liquidate amount services and sites for donations: Patreon,, Onlyfans and others 15 services and sites for donations: Patreon,, Onlyfans and others What is a donat? This is a monetary gratitude, a gift or support for a project. Most often, Sometimes funds are transferre for other purposes, for example, to gain access to paid eitions or to charity. In the article, we have collecte the best platforms so that you can easily start earning yourself or making transfers to individuals and organizations. How donate services work .

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Allow you to create a personal Activity rating People often ask how to add activity widgets for a VK group, because this is a reliable technique to increase audience engagement. The element calculates who spent how much time on the page, how many comments left, and reveals the most active commentator for a set period, who is then awarde with Wholesale Email List promotional prizes. Scripts also reward members with Activity Points that can be spent in the Community Store. 5. Lead form The VKontakte tool helps to add an application banner for direct sales or lead generation.this can be intimidating. Choose how you will receive contacts – in a personal message, by mail or in CM.

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They are often useful in topics with a long deal cycle, as they increase the number of times a user touches a brand. They are actively use for hdemand, when the buyer does not want to spend time going. A to the company’s website or ordering by phone. Other developers have similar formats. Bright customizable windows have proven themselves well, where you can put a brande cover, logo, there is a call to action button and a call by name. Do not force the client to fill out too much information about Bold Data themselves inside theapplication.6. Menu This element is similar to the navigation block – item 2 among the main widgets. A similar list can be place under the pinne message. It looks neat and does not spoil the user experience  this article.

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