It should also be mentione that the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection UOKiK announce in a communication that it had already inspecte about e commerce platforms from various sectors in the context of compliance with the provisions of the Omnibus Directive. As a result of the inspection, UOKiK notice several incorrect mechanisms, such as unclear presentation of sale prices and strikethrough prices without explaining what a strikethrough price is, and the use of phrases.

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Other than the lowest price of goods in the period of days before the introduction of the reuction. The owners of the platforms notice Russia WhatsApp Number List irregularities were addresse by UOKiK asking for a position and calling for a change in dubious practices in the event of irregularities. – The Omnibus Directive is an important step towards ensuring consumer protection in the European Union.

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High fines and the possibility of compensation will motivate entrepreneurs to comply with the regulations, and the cooperation Russia Phone Number List of national authorities in the case of cross border infringements will ensure effective enforcement comments Mateusz Jakubik, Information Security Officer at iSecure. Summary The Omnibus Directive arouses a lot of emotions, but it is not as complicate as it might seem at the beginning.

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