Avoiding spam filters is one of the core best practices in the entire industry. Without it.  You won’t get your meticulously craft emails read.Email providers like yahoo and gmail may categorize your emails as spam if they don’t meet quality guidelines. And yes. They can use formulas and “scores” to measure your success. Here’s what you’ll ne to know:Aim for high open rates. When users frequently open your messages.  It’s a healthy signal. It means that your emails are valuable and people are more likely to move them to the inbox when they see them in the spam folder.

Be valuable enough so people

Be valuable enough so people call you “not junk.” one of the top numerical indicators of a high-quality email newsletter is how often your own readers rescue you from the junk box. Remind your readers to add  country email list you to their address book. This. Too. Will help the email providers award you a higher score. Divide your list into segments A segment list can increase revenues by as much as 760%.Think about the math for a second. Two nearly identical lists can generate different revenues. Almost at a ratio of eight-to-one.

Behavior-specific segmentation

Behavior-specific segmentation. Do some customers buy small-ticket items.  While others prefer the larger ones? Do some spend lots of time on your website.  And others less? You might start crafting different emails and promoting different products Bold Data on their established behavior. Content-specific segmentation. If you have data on your specific contacts. You may be able to create new segments bas on the content they prefer. For example, If one reader prefers to download eBooks and guides and another prefers to make product purchases.  You have enough information to create entirely different campaigns. Some email marketers even ask their customers directly: which do you prefer?

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