They then ask their customers to visit their link preferences. This gives the email marketer the knowlge to split customers into different groups bas on their individual “votes.”It’s the classic goldilocks quandary in email marketing: how often should you send out your email blasts? 26% of people respond that they unsubscribe from email lists because they get too many emails in general. 19% say they do it because a company specifically sends them too many. On the other hand.  You don’t want to send out so few that you never make any sales.

Email campaign best practices

Split testing is one way to cure this common problem. But you might also consider adding a footer to your emails that let users gauge their own frequency preferences. Email campaign best practices can work so asia email list well that it’s easy to get away from them. You figure you’ve got this email thing figur out.  And no updates are necessary. But if your habits have gotten too far out of whack. It’s time to get back to the bread and butter. With these best practices in hand. You can either grow an entirely fresh list or inject some life into an existing list. Either way.  Chances are your readers will notice. And they just might reward you with higher open rates.

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