Find out who your competitors follow

Without an audience with a problem to solve. You don’t have a reason to offer a product or service. Start by identifying your target audience if you haven’t already done so. Create a customer persona or imaginary person that best represents your target audience. This could be an adventurer who loves outdoor activities. A single parent with more than one child. Or a healthcare executive. Focusing on your ideal customer. Write down everything you know about who that customer is.

What are their tastes and preferences

What’s her job? Where they live? What are Email List their tastes and preferences? What type of personality do they have? To locate this person. You might dig into your competitors’ social mia profiles. Find out who your competitors follow and learn everything you can about them. Their nes and their nes. Because your competitors’ offers might be interesting to them. Find out what problems ne to be solv with a good understanding of your target customer. You can now determine what problems you ne to solve with your product or service.

Outline some key problem areas to start brainstorming

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Use your customer persona as a guide (or take it a step further with customer modeling ) to outline common problems your audience  BOLD Data may face that your product or service can help. For example. Your event planning company might be perfect for couples who can’t agree on wding planning. Your team of expert event planners can step in. Understand the couple’s differences. And plan a wding that you both enjoy. Outline some key problem areas to start brainstorming in the next phase. Start brainstorming hand placing the word “Idea” in a box with “Brain” written on a person’s head.

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