Using Free Download and then asking for the user’s contact details will make them think twice before clicking the button. In addition, the number of CTAs also affects the conversion rate. A study by Unbounce has shown that focusing visitors on a single direct CTA results in higher landing page conversion rates than landing pages with multiple CTAs. Source: profiterole The Web profits CTA above doesn’t stand out, but the re on black and white draws the visitor’s attention. With a direct CTA, there is no ambiguity about what the visitor should do.

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Tests on such a page might include underlining the CTA, bold or larger text, or a more traditional button design. Commercial traffic Commercial traffic from 35 600 ₽ Service page Promotion by commercial traffic from the SEMANTICA studio – attracting target users from Yandex and Google systems. We are working on internal and external ranking factors General Merchandise Stores Email List and website visibility in search engines. You get traffic growth and high reach among your potential customers. Submit your application 4.9 2. Make a strong first impression It takes no more than a couple of seconds for people to decide whether to continue browsing your landing page or leave it. In that limite time, you have to make a strong first impression.

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Creating a strong first impression is focus. You want to show the visitor everything that you have at once, but landing pages with a lot of elements scatter attention, distract visitors. They do not want to understand this abundance of details. Therefore, it is better to use a minimal web design. It focuses all elements of your landing page Bold Data on the desire action. Download spee Landing page loading spee can affect conversion rates even before visitors know what you have to offer. Web pages with a load time of more than four seconds lose up to of visitors.

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