Every time a company is able to offer such an option to its customers, it also offers them the opportunity to be unique. We recommend Etisoft disposable masks – how to introduce a new product to the market? Mass customization Customization has benefite from digitization. The Internet has create many opportunities to customize products on a massive scale. It also made it possible for companies to be in constant interaction with customers, basically in real time. Many companies use the Internet to create personalize emails.

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There is also an increasing number of companies that are using the opportunities offere by online tools to allow customers to design their products themselves. Customization is becoming more and more common. Automotive concerns allow database customers to design their cars. Fashion companies give customers the opportunity to upload their own graphics or words to be printe on shirts, jackets, etc. Athletic shoe manufacturers allow you to create exactly the shoe that the user wants. Community blog Today, we can even customize our vitamins base on our own requirements and daily requirements.


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Isn’t that reason enough why all customers love customization? Can competitive strategies be universal? December 11, 2020 Commplace PR agency Competing strategies are base on the company’s long-term plan of action. Gaining a competitive Bold Data advantage over rivals requires evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, as well as industry opportunities and threats. Basically, there are three main types of competitive strategies that are implemente by companies around the world. Understanding their core principles helps you make informe business decisions. And do you know them all? What are enterprise competition strategies? Competing strategies base on cost leadership.

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