Use of chatbots to improve conversions The value of AI-like chatbots has been realize when the growth in sales of Harley Davidson reache 3000%. Since then, e-commerce companies have been using chatbots on e-commerce sites. Chatbots, with a conversational approach, are prepare and traine with all the questions and answers that customers will ask for. the clock, especially during Black Friday, is inevitable. 7. Long-term customer agreements Everyone wants to be recognize, and the same goes for your loyal customers. Black Friday is a good excuse to recognize your customer with whom you have a strong and long-lasting bond.

Whole world revolves around hashtags

Giving them exclusive offers and discounts leads to customer retention and increase sales. These customers notice how the brand reacts when they buy most of the time from your e-commerce business and thus lead to more purchases even when database there is no Black Friday trading day. 8. Implementation of hashtags We have mentione the importance of social meia, and the popular one above. But do you know how valuable a hashtag is? Today, the. The simple symbol (hashtag) has a central position to reach your target audience.


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By organizing discounts and offers on Black Friday, you can suggest hashtags to reach a global audience locate anywhere. For example- blackfriday blackfridayshopping blackfridayisawesome etc. Follow up Are you aware of how you can strengthen your bond BOLD Data with new visitors, or old ones? It is recommende that the follow-up is a successful tip to help with customer retention, during Black Friday. You can simply follow up with your new visitors, or customers by saying thank you, or can ask for reviews and feeback about the experience.

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