Business in one city How to promote the site in the regions Local SEO: business in one city. How to promote the site in the regions What is site promotion in the region This is the name of SEO-optimization using geo-dependent tools. That is, the emphasis is on the territorial location of the company and all work is somehow relate to the geo-location. This can be reflecte in headings, texts, structure, and even a domain name. Why georeferencing is neee If you enter “hairdressing salon” into the search, in the first lines there will be not the most popular in the world, but beauty salons closest to you. It turns out that the correct setting.

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Parameters affects the attraction of target audience and conversion. It is indispensable if.Checklist before buying In conclusion, for convenience, here is a checklist for manually (the most correct) evaluation of a website before purchasing it: Analyze link profile. Evaluate organic and other types of traffic. Check indexing. Reconcile income Canadian Colleges Universities Email List and expenses. Find out the price of the site online and calculate the cost . View blog age. Monitor content quality. Determine the convenience of the web site for users. Break through the web-resource on the sanctions of search engines. Conclusion You should not rush, especially if you are acting as a buyer. Probably, the web resource will nee improvements before launch – they also nee to be taken.

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Account in order to optimally allocate the budget. And no less important indicator is how much it will bring monthly, that is, how quickly it will pay off. If you are a seller, it is important to assign an adequate price tag so that a person understands what he is paying for. Now you know how to find out and check the approximate cost and estimate how much the site costs, conduct a price cryptanalysis to do it manually, rather than through services – they rarely Bold Data proviaccurainformation.abouthrtKuznetsovEKuznetsovaContent manager Has been making expert content for brands for over 7 years. Creates content plans, moves content strategies.

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