Content Syndication The agreement allows Cirsa Amusement Corporation to streamline communication with the members of the Nex Youth Nation Club, which currently has more than 45,000 young people. Communication with partners is carried out mainly by mobile phone via SMS. About 10,000 SMS are sent per month with information about events and promotions. In addition Nex Youth Nation members have access to ringtones and logos as well as the extensive catalog of more. 

General Director of Cirsa

We have chosen MAMI and its parent company. Buongiorno-MyAlert for their experience in managing email contact list communication through. Mobile phones as well as for their superiority. technological For us it is very important to be able to count on the creativity of MAMI when communicating with our young audience since the mobile phone is by far their preferred communication tool. 

Mobile Communication With the 45,000 Members

Disneyland Paris. Cirsa Amusement Corporation has more than 300 employees BOLD Data and has significant expansion plans. Including the upcoming opening of a 2,500 m2. NEX Youth Nation center in the new Boulevard de Vitoria shopping center (Álava). The NEX Youth Nation centers contain bowling, video game rooms. Online games. Chill out rooms and a restaurant space and have partnerships with brands such as Coca Cola. Heineken, Wanadoo, Nokia and Samsung. 

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