Why use shoppable livestreams? These types of live streams for purchase advertise your products where customers can interact online. In addition, it is directly linked to the brand’s e-commerce platform and, in this way, increases sales.

Augmented reality: One trend that is taking the lead in the metaverse is augmented reality . Before we talk about the use of augmented reality in ecommerce, let’s clarify the difference between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality (also called VR) uses computer technology to Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data create a simulated environment; On the other hand, augmented reality (AR) simulates artificial objects in a real environment. How does augmented reality contribute to e-commerce? Offering customers a preview of the products and an experience of the services in their own environment before opting for the purchase. It bridges the gap between buying in a physical environment and an online store.

How is augmented reality used in e-commerce?

Virtual tests . Customers can use an app to see if the clothes fit them.
Preview in a certain location . An app is used to locate a piece of furniture in a certain room using a photograph of the space.
Interactive Manuals .
Social Media Filters . As can be seen on Instagram Stories and on Snapchat.

omnichannel experience

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The omnichannel experience is about being where the customers are. When you use prepaid advertising like pay-per-click (PPC) to engage with them on Google or some other social media platform , customers expect engagement with their favorite brand wherever they are. And they also want to be able to move in a well-integrated way with the omnichannel shopping experience.

The customer journey used to be simple: go to a physical store, choose and buy. Now, people can be physically in the store, but also interact on the brand’s corresponding social media page and shop from home. Thus, it is possible to make a decision after having seen the product reviews on the site and talking with friends about it. After all, customers want to easily move between platforms and devices while shopping, and your ecommerce business needs to Bold Data keep up with them.

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