Successful e-commerce brands know where their customers are. WhatsApp, with approximately 2 billion active users, is one of the ways that conversational commerce can reach the buyer directly. Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly content can become impersonal if not done correctly. However, the power of conversational commerce is that it bridges the gap between SEO and matching content to user preferences.

Headless CMS Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a standard tool of digital marketing. Traditionally, CMSs organized content in a web-focused structure, making it difficult to Brazil WhatsApp Number Data use the same content from other digital platforms or software. The evolution of digital channels and services requires a more flexible system for content management, which led to the headless CMS (also known as headless CMS).

A headless system is a type of back-end content management system in which the content reservoir (body) is separate from the presentation layer (head). This way, the content stays on one site, but can be used on different front-ends . The headless CMS is essential in omnichannel strategies that allow businesses to quickly improve the performance of their platform by adapting to customer demands, traffic spikes or sales volume increases.

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Livestreams for purchase

One of the newest trends for electronic commerce are the so-called shoppable livestreams (live streams, or livestreams, for purchase). Do you remember when you spent hours watching sales channels on television? Like Buy Now Pay Later, live shopping is the digital version of a shopping experience, but now video takes the place of TV! Supporters of shoppable livestreams prefer product engagement using video rather than photography. Also, with the pandemic it became a safer and more comfortable way to Bold Data shop because you can buy products from the comfort of your home.

How does it work? From a basic point of view, comparators interact with a presenter (typically a social media influencer ) in real time through a live broadcast event. Buyers can ask questions and watch the presenter interact with the product being offered for sale.

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