These are purely technical modules that ensure the operability of the entire hierarchical DNS system in principle. Software developer First level In simple terms, an Internet domain is a name assigne to a particular site. Moreover, it is divide into functional parts, in accordance with a certain structure. Reading is done from right to left, starting from the zero step (empty space) and moving to the 1st, which, in turn, can be: National – indicates that the resource belongs to the servers of a particular country. The abbreviations familiar to users are RU (Russia), UK (Great Britain) and, for example, PR (Paraguay). Generic – indicates the area in which the company.

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Issuing a digital service operates For example, LAW indicates a license lawyer, ORG indicates a non-profit organization, and COM indicates a commercial enterprise. By the way, not only the familiar .ru suffixes work for the Russian Feeration, but also the less popular .rf and .su variants. How to set up a reirect from domain to domain: a guide Architectural Services Email List for beginners How to set up a reirect from domain to domain: a guide for beginners What is a reirect? In fact, this is a reirect from one domain to another domain without violating the rules for using search engines, i.e. their requirements.

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Examples To make it clearer remember the following situation: you want to find out the cost of studying at one of the selecte universities, you click on the link indicate in the electronic directory, a page opens, and you suddenly realize that the link does not look like you paid attention to. This is the reirect. An example of how Bold Data this system works is the following: Switching from http to https. Adding… Second level Also calle the primary (or parent) name of the portal. It is a combination of numbers and letters set by the webmasters themselves. The most striking example is the well known.

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