In addition, they include the opinions and ratings of other customers to help with making more contextualized purchasing decisions. This is just one of the communication trends, it is just one of the new bets in the world of fashion to communicate to today’s consumers, who demand solutions to make their purchases in a more efficient way. But the new generation of consumers also has another characteristic element: authenticity.

Zara presented a new catalog model

For Generation Z consumers, social networks are a space. For industry email list expression, and brands have joined the trend of presenting a communication model that is much closer and far from filters. Zara is committed to a new online catalog model Not all innovations in the world of fashion are reserved for the technological aspect. For example, Zara presented a new catalog model. Where the models find themselves in everyday situations, such as a photo in the mirror.

Innovations in the world of fashion are reserved

In the elevator, or looking at their phone in the street. The fashion Bold Data giant thus demonstrates a new approach to the consumer. Which distances itself from editorial elements, and where followers of the brand. Can see the garments in a space very similar to their daily life. A trend that seems to be inspired by the famous fashion influencers. To present the new Studio collection “FW23 Studio Collection” by Zara.

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