What can Google Analytics 4 offer you? An analytics service that allows you to measure engagement and traffic on websites and apps; customizable dashboards so you focus only on the reports that are relevant to you, as well as many other features and capabilities.

Google Analytics 4 Reports

Whether you love them, hate them, or are just getting familiar with them, the Google Analytics 4 reporting option offers the user templates or preferences for creating custom reports. In the Analysis section, it is possible to Canada Phone Number Data drag and drop metrics, segments and dimensions for better analysis.

How to use the predictive audiences function?

Your advertising products improve as predictive audience information is automatically shared with advertising accounts tied to the property.
It is possible to use the information for new marketing with the audience at the threshold of conversion. GA4’s machine learning identifies unique behavior patterns of your property that you can use in a remarketing campaign.
What about consumers who previously showed interest in your business but didn’t convert? Use information from Predictive Audiences for re-engagement campaigns that remind users of your offers of value in price, quantity, product, variety and much more.

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Because BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse, you can query terabytes of data in seconds and petabytes in minutes without having to manage any infrastructure! Why would you use it when you already have a variety of reports with GA4? Because BigQuery offers fast queries of your Analytics data.


Google Analytics (and its new iteration, GA4) gives businesses direct insight into the impact their marketing efforts are having on bottom line.
For this reason, WSI understands the value of knowing the Bold Data customer better and measuring how marketing efforts are contributing to the conversion of leads into sales.

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