Refers to the percentage of email recipients who unsubscribed after opening the message, and can help you calculate the overall growth rate of your email list. In September 2021, Apple announced data privacy changes for iOS15, including an update that reduced access to email analytics. The three main changes involved removing accurate tracking of open rates, hiding users’ IP addresses while browsing the Internet, and allowing users to mask their email with a fake one. Research conducted a year later shows how email marketers have adapted to this change. Interestingly, most of the future of contextual marketing email marketers surveyed said the change had no impact on their overall email marketing strategy.

Creativity will rule

One way to improve the chance that your emails get delivered to Australia WhatsApp Number Data recipients is to get creative, and a good starting point is the email’s “subject” line . The subject line is closely related to the open rate metric, as it is the first impression an email makes and influences the decision to open or convert.

Now, let’s talk about some practices applicable to the “subject” line:

Learn from other subject line examples
Use numbers, emojis, and interesting punctuation
Ask a captivating question
Write something that makes people feel important

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Avoid using capital letters on the entire line, because it will give the impression that you are shouting!
An attention-grabbing line item should include one of the elements mentioned above, but it should always align with your brand. Those elements include generating a sense of urgency for action in readers, making them wonder what the email is about, or if there is something for them at no cost. Based on contextual marketing, if you know what your reader likes, then send an email with personalized content.

A “subject” line of the email should carry a banner that makes it stand out. Fortunately, there are many free graphic design tools future of contextual marketing online that can help you generate visual content for your email marketing campaign. WSI believes in good digital marketing and has a dedication to Bold Data this task that has earned it numerous awards. We have won digital marketing awards every year for 14 years and we plan to continue this

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