what tone and style to use, what content to include, and ultimately, what story to tell.

A key point here is that if you don’t fully understand your audience, you’re probably better off not making the video. Just because short video content is effective doesn’t guarantee that yours will work just for doing it that way. So make sure you get it right.

Be transparent with your title and description

There’s a surefire way to Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data lose people watching your videos before you hit the ten-second mark: trick them into watching something that isn’t about what they thought it was. Don’t even think of something like that because it won’t convince them. You will just lose them.

We highly recommend taking advantage of all available spaces (and thus the video title and description) to be as transparent and direct as possible about what people will see if they choose to play your video. No surprises = a good experience when watching a video.

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With the emergence of brevity-focused social platforms (TikTok, Instagram) the consumption of short videos is on the rise (and we predict it will rise again in 2022 ). Consequently, savvy marketers are taking notice and integrating more video content into their marketing strategies. In fact, according to data from HubSpot , 51% of marketers who used short-form video last year said they would increase their video spend this year, while 38% said they would spend the same.

Know your audience

By knowing your audience, making videos short, and being transparent about your content, you, too, can use video marketing to engage with your crowded, time-strapped audience today.

If you do it on LinkedIn or YouTube, chances are you’ll get some retention even for a longer video if it’s a good video (more on that later). If you’re active on Bold Data Instagram or TikTok, you’ve probably already noticed that audiences on those platforms prefer much shorter videos, but it’s worth reiterating that a ten-minute video won’t thrive on TikTok.

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