Brief and candid: a recipe for successful video marketing

In this year of 2022 there are countless things vying for your attention: texts or messages, social media, work emails and pings on Slack; what to say about the stock market, NFTs, the news, Netflix, and of course spending quality time with family and friends.

Nowadays, we are all busy all the time. Such is life in the world today.

Now, what does all this have to Laos WhatsApp Number Data do with short video content ? We just made it clear that people don’t have much time left for anything, and guess what? Those big product video productions that lasted 10 minutes and cost a fortune, nobody is watching. What a pity!

Do you know what people will see? A one minute video that is funny, captivating and that arouses interest from the first seconds.

Short and beautiful videos win the attention of customers

According to this study , 68% of consumers are happy to watch business or product videos that are one minute or less long. On the other hand, less than 25% of potential customers finish watching videos that are longer than ten minutes.

Therefore, in terms of video, it is a good general rule to consider that the shorter the better . However, this will also depend on where you intend to share your video.

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If you do it on LinkedIn or YouTube, chances are you’ll get some retention even for a longer video if it’s a good video (more on that later). If you’re active on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve probably already noticed that audiences on those platforms prefer much shorter videos, but it’s worth reiterating that a ten-minute video won’t thrive on TikTok.

It is important to optimize the duration according to the platform, but more important is to make a good video
Facebook calculates that 47% of the value of a video is delivered in the first 3 seconds. This means that regardless of whether you make a 30-second video for Instagram or one over ten minutes for YouTube, the success or failure of one or the other will depend on the quality of the first five seconds.

You may have heard that the first impression counts, as this first impression definitely applies in the case of marketing content for short videos.

How to make a great marketing video
It’s the million dollar question!

Know your audience

After all of the above it is clear that one of the most important components in making successful short marketing videos is knowing your audience . We’ve stated that videos need to Bold Data be specifically tailored to the platforms you’ll be sharing them on. But knowing your audience goes beyond that. What does he like? What is it that you dislike? What are your main problems? What is your kind of sense of humor?

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