How Does the Moon Affect the Mood

We may wonder what is the best time to fish in the estuary and coastal areas?

One of the secrets to success in fishing in this area is to learn to understand the theory of the phases of the moon.

How can the moon phase theory help us determine when is the best day and time to fish?

Although it sounds quite scientific the theory is actually not too difficult to understand

Therefore, in this article I try to explain to you as Phone Number List briefly as possible, and I hope to understand easily.

Let’s start.. The Origins of Solunar Theory
Where does this solunar theory come from?

This theory was actually created by John Alden Knight in 1926 solunar theory.

He stated that there are 3 factors that he believes influence the daily behavior of fish. This includes marine fish as well as freshwater fish.

He published this theory after studying 33 factors said to influence fishing results.

And of those 33 factors, he eliminated all but three:

Tides have become a determining factor for saltwater anglers.

Although the sun and the moon certainly play an important role in generating ocean tides, Knight also thinks that the moon and the sun are also a stimulus to the behavior and mood of fish (apart from the tides) because they also affect freshwater fish species.

Because of its influence, he named this theory after the sun (sol) and moon (lunar) combined to form solunar.

Are These Solunar Theory Predictions Accurate result of solunar theory

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Knight found that the closer the position of the sun BOLD Data or moon to the earth, the stronger its influence on the fish.

And the peak of this influence occurs during the new moon and full moon phases.

A solunar theory study of more than 200 shots revealed that 90% of them were made during the new moon phase (new moon), where the solunar influence is strongest, and also that the shots were made at the right time as predicted.

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