Customers who are not price sensitive expect premium products. So if the target market is willing to pay a higher price for superior quality or better value, the company can generate more revenue with fewer sales. Going further with this line of reasoning – if the company maintains the perceive quality of the products offere, it can create brand-loyal customers. Community Blog This is another benefit of the differentiation strategy. The next is to make customers believe that there is no other product on the market that would meet their nees and expectations as well. What’s more – the company can gain an advantage in the market even when similar products are available.

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How is this possible? Because customers won’t want to replace her product with another. Brand differentiation strategy is about how it phone number list presents itself to the surrounding world. Let’s analyze it with examples. Differentiation strategy – examples A brand that knows what a differentiation strategy should look like is Lush. Although Lush Cosmetics has not yet entere Poland, offering natural, handmade cosmetics, it has won the hearts of many women around the world.

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The brand positions itself as a unique solution for health and beauty. At the same time, it is unlike any other brand of its kind on the market and reaches its customers with a warm, friendly verbal identity that is visible in everything from packaging Bold Data to message. Perhaps the most fundamental distinguishing feature of the Lush brand is its commitment to fair trade and the purity of handcrafte solutions. It is a company that shows the value of social and corporate responsibility in everything it does. At the same time, her brand is easy to perceive and authentic. What is the Lush differentiation strategy ? The company distinguishes its brand by using a name that evokes the ideas of nature and luxury.

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