How we managed to unlock the.  You can’t imagine my feeling of relief and joy . We have had our Amazon account blocked for more than 144 hours . It has been 6 days where we have lost approximately 3,000 euros of billing. To date we had made sales between 500-800 euros each day. reliefAdobe Stock Photo Rights Well, you have the previous detailed story linked in the previous paragraph so.


Thanks to everyone and especially How we managed

How we managed to unlock the.  The first thing I have to say is that we would still have the account executive data blocked if it weren’t for people who have selflessly helped us out . During the last few days we have read “horror stories” similar to ours where Amazon closed accounts without prior notice and things continued like this for weeks, months or even forever. Although the damage caused is significant for us, it is still small in comparison to what others have suffered. People like Juan Carlos on Twitter offered to help and pull their contacts to achieve the unlock. 


You don't get anything through normal channels seller account in 144 hours

The bad thing about history as we solve Bold Data it is that the ways accessible to everyone do not work . You can call Seller Central, which is Amazon’s support for these issues, countless times. The agents are very friendly but the only thing they can tell you is that this is the responsibility of another department to which you can only send emails and that they cannot see anything. Opening a case apparently serves no purpose. 

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