On the importance of having different online sales channels

On the importance of having different.  Sooner or later you will have to face a competitor so it is better to do it sooner than later. A quick conclusion I draw from our situation is that we have entered too small a market segment . Now it’s time to take the step towards a broader segment. I’m not entirely clear on exactly what we’re going to get into, but at least the things that are being clarified at least at a conceptual level. Something is something… We continue.


Change a small constant and suddenly you are On the importance

On the importance of having different.  In 2020 we will change the main product in our online collectibles store. We have realized that the niche in which company data we operate is too small even when selling internationally. The question that arises is whether it makes sense to continue with the brand and store already created or whether it makes more sense to start again from scratch. change or adaptAdobe Stock Photo Rights Advantages of changing an existing online store Those who have set up an online store with more than 2,000 products know what it means to set up a project like this. To begin with.


If your store positions very well through SEO different online sales channels

If you adapt an existing online store and change the focus you Bold Data can consider it an extension of what you are already doing. You make more than before because we are going to continue selling the old product. It represents a significant saving of money and time . Buying a new domain is the least important thing. Having to configure the template.

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