Social fatigue or exhaustion due to the stress that social networks cause us is common and frequently repeated. Many of you will know people who have closed a social profile or have completely withdrawn from social networks. I have the I’m back!feeling of having gone through all the phases several times. My first steps in social networks on a professional level were with Neurona and Xing in 2003-2004. And I took the final step with my Twitter profile in 2009. At first I was obsessed with followers and retweets, I had notifications for everything (it’s true that the atmosphere there was nothing like the current one), etc. I was hooked all day. 

I'm back!But social networks were growing

same time as I was maturing as a user. There came a time when certain social networks stopped providing value and/or entertaining me. And I went through a period of being purely a broadcaster of information and with minimal interaction (especially on Twitter). “If there is no interaction, at least I get top industry data visibility and some traffic to my blog.” But what does that make me? in an automated feed? Due to this evolution, I abandoned social networks (Facebook), staying in others (Twitter) and focusing my attention on the one that brought me the greatest value (Linkedin). I’m back!The truth is that I am present on Instagram, because I cannot not be there. But it is not a social network that gives me much. Very suitable for certain topics and profiles, but I don’t see it for me. 

Return to social networks: I never really left

Obviously I never got around to leaving social media, I simply changed the plan and adapted. I maintained my real activity on Linkedin and I maintained the others. But lately I have found the desire to actively participate in other networks besides Linkedin. Recently I have started using Twitter again beyond simply publishing my own content, that is, with the intention of interacting and surprisingly I am getting hooked again. I have reunited with old tweeting friends, I am getting back into the habit Bold Data of reading my Feedly (I had replaced it with 3-4 subscriptions to key newsletters), and the truth is that I am enjoying it again. What happened to me? It was as simple as the famous social fatigue, a significant and continuous volume of work, and an evolution of social networks thatI’m back! generated a certain rejection in me. What is my plan for social media now?

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