If we consult a reliable source such as Wikipedia , we can find the main arguments with their explanations given by digital experts. 1. The metaverse is not technically viable We could not launch it because it requires a hardware and software infrastructure that we do not currently have, it requires coordinated development (not many spaces created by each initiative , how would we unite these spaces?) and the total lack of definition of standards (Lauren Jackson ). Of course I am convinced that the current technical development at the level of graphics, interaction, etc. It means moving in the direction of the metaverse. But it does not mean that we are close to living that moment.

Privacy: How will privacy be managed in the metaverse? And its advertising use by brands?

Imagine the metaverse in today’s world in which we have to place notices and consents to.  Leave a cookie on our users’ computers. And now add the complexity of managing personal and biometric data. Surely we will find a way, but do you see it possible today.  In addition to its use to interact category email list in the corresponding space, what do you think brands will use this data for? To make advertising better segmented and personalized. And, what happens when we enter a platform that fries us with advertising.  Normally it happens that there is a percentage that accepts the barter, but this will mean that a significant percentage of . pPeople do not want to enter or do so punctually. It is possible that in the future this will be accepted by a greater percentage, but today I don’t see it.

Possible addictions and problems related to metaverse

This is true, but it is inherent to . Being human. It is true that it could enhance addiction to the Internet and social networks, and create a new area where it can be enhanced. I believe that the solution to this possibility, as to the current problems, lies in education and training. What Bold Data does seem like an important problem to me is that the metaverse could increase loneliness, reinforce and.  Enhance complexes (it already happens on Instagram), and limit in-person social relationship skills. Another problem that can increase is cyberbullying, as it would facilitate . Virtual relationships and therefore, is fertile ground for harassers. But although I see that this is a very serious problem.

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