Understand how to determine the reaction of the target audience and its pain, and then create full-flege promotional materials – ads, websites, landing pages. We make out the list After collecting information, we move on to the next important step – systematization. Here everyone chooses the method that is closer to him. Most often, tables are use for this, so that the big picture is in front of your eyes. It is so convenient to combine a lot of material and not turn its collection into chaos. Alternatively Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

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Pay attention to programs for creating Mind Map – they will also help to collect materials in a form convenient for analysis and work. Audience segment Type of client pain, examples How many times has it been mentione Details and features of the problem A product that covers nees and objections Screenshot from MindMeister Construction Email List preview Pay attention to what irritates most of the target audience. This is what we work with first. Ideally, resolve controversial issues, but from important and preominant to minor. For example, let’s say you’re selling brande clothing and it’s normal for customers to resent the high price. This discomfort is quite difficult to eliminate¬† because you will not work at a loss.

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Something can be done anyway As an option use some kind of discount or cashback programs when you re-apply. So people will continue to buy and see the monetary benefit for themselves. Creating a customer pain map is also a way to capture consumer problems. It is convenient to use the Customer Journey for Bold Data this and note possible objections at different stages of the journey. how to sell more effectively Dealing with objections in sales: how to sell more effectively What is objection handling? Most people periodically doubt whether they should make a particular purchase.

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