LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that enjoys credibility in the business environment. For that reason, with LinkedIn ads, you can generate leads, traffic to your website and nurture brand awareness in an audience of more than 850 million professionals . If your business strategy requires you to focus on business professionals, you’ll need to create a LinkedIn Page and engage with the global business community.

Want another reason to advertise on LinkedIn?

It is possible to come into contact with a more professional audience
LinkedIn is a social platform that allows you to Thailand Phone Number Data connect directly with people in the business world. LinkedIn Ads offers you the opportunity to reach decision makers, executives and other influencers who can generate new opportunities for you. What does LinkedIn tell us about its members to justify advertising on its platform?

There are 180 million executive-level influencers on LinkedIn
The platform has 63 million decision makers
Through LinkedIn it is possible to get in touch with 10 million Level C executives
LinkedIn’s audience has 2x more buying power than the average audience you find online
But how can you get this audience of professionals to promote your brand, product or service? With the use of Ad Targeting that allows you to use accurate demographic data, generated by your members, in order to reach the right audience for your business.

Precise targeting: This involves targeting the ideal customer based on characteristics such as company name, title, industry, and professional and personal interests.

Tailored targeting with matched audiences

Contact people based on contact targeting, website, and account. It is possible to achieve more specificity as far as a certain industry is concerned

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LinkedIn is the ideal platform for B2B (business-to-business) advertising with more than 57 million companies with a page on this platform. According to data from LinkedIn, this platform is considered the number one B2B platform for lead generation; likewise, 40% of B2B marketers consider it the most effective channel for getting high-quality leads , also saying that audiences exposed to brand and acquisition messaging on LinkedIn are six times more likely to convert. How can you target a specific industry with your LinkedIn marketing strategy?

LinkedIn allows you to target specific industries from audience selection. The “Company Industry” category allows you to focus on those members who work in a particular sector, but it is essential to be aware that this has its limitations.

Increase in conversion rates

Doing business is linked to obtaining results, to Bold Data a certain number of sales, to the profit at the end of the fiscal year, and that is what shareholders see. According to data from LinkedIn, advertising on its platform offers:

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