Videos to with a Video SO is the prvideo content. Unlike images, which are themselves indexe and ranke, search engines treat videos as a meia element that is part of and issue it under the search bar. Soon such a feature appeare in Yandex. With the advent of the algorithm, more attention has been paid to this, and now when compiling a query with the words “how”, “where”, etc. hint blocks will be displaye. Blog promotion Blog promotion from 46 200 ₽ Services page Blog promotion from the SEMANTICS studio – increasing the flow of users to the site and increasing the brand’s expertise in the eyes of the target audience. We create in-demand content that.There are 10 free all . from four tariffs. They differ in the number of users.

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Meets the nees of potential customers, optimize articles and set up You get a tangible increase in transitions to the catalog of goods and services from the blog section. Submit your application 4.9 Reviews User opinions have Industry Email List long been one of the important commercial factors in SEO. Now it is even easier to find out the rating of organizations. If the organization is registere in Ya.Business, the search results will display the wn online store, and do you use Google Analytics to monitor statistics? Then you nee to know what events are and how to work with them.

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Event is the interaction of a visitor to your site with the content poste on it and the components of the resource. Google Analytics allows you to track these events, offering you detaile analytics across all interactions. Types of Google Analytics Events When Tracke by Google… Read LSI queries: what do they mean and are they so important (translation  LSI queries: what do they mean Bold Data and are they so important (translation) Many people say that using LSI keywords in the text helps to bring queries to the top and get more traffic from search engines. Today we will figure out whether this is true or another myth. Open any article about.

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