With the most recent “ Helpful Content ” updates, content that provides a satisfying experience will rank higher as opposed to content that ends up disappointing. Search engine results must offer value to users, and it is very likely that they will provide additional value beyond their original search tag. If your content meets people’s needs first, then you will succeed in the environment of SERP volatility.

People-focused content fits a site with a similar content audience. For example, if you have a car dealership, your content should talk about cars and their care. Therefore, the content must show extensive knowledge of the Iran Phone Number Data use of a certain product or service.

The sites that rank highest are focused on content that helps their customers. That is, the content must offer a satisfying experience that makes customers feel that they have learned something about the subject.

Similarly, your content may rank lower because it offers an inaccurate answer to a real question

What is the difference between people-focused content and content that appears first in search engines?
Businesses and organizations frequently groom their content to rank highly on the SERPs. However, you can help your site by repurposing your content.

Your content should not just focus on SEO , rather SEO should focus on the customers you want to attract. Customers do not want to read content loaded with SEO terminology. If you follow Google’s SEO guide you will find explanations so that developers can create content with SEO without going overboard and without alienating customers.

Content creators develop content first for search engines in order to impress Google’s algorithm, but that content is not attractive or interesting to “humans” looking for information or answers. Sites that focus only on rankings and not people will generate content on unrelated topics in hopes of “hitting the nail on the head” and going viral.

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When bots or automated applications are in charge of writing the content, the voice will not sound authentic and that will have an adverse effect on the ranking. Only people are capable of writing people-centered content. Search engine friendly content tends to follow trends but doesn’t focus on the actual questions customers might have.

How to make your site update proof?

After all, Google updates its tools in support of those who use the search engine. Organizations can do themselves a favor (and avoid SERP volatility) by giving thought and genuine intent to the content on their websites. Google wants users to find accurate information from trusted sites. If your content is offline or created by a bot that only targets the search engine, your site will drop in rankings.

As Google relies on artificial intelligence to learn about useful and useless content, both the company and its tools will become increasingly efficient at identifying people-friendly versus machine-friendly content.

Helpful content will withstand SERP volatility much more than content generated just for the sake of it. You can contribute to the success of your site by removing useless content and improving it by using really useful words and videos.


Paying attention to Bold Data your product or service content to help your customers will help your site rank higher in search engines. Edit your content and hire writers who can attract readers. Keep in mind that to rank well it is not necessary for a site to generate content daily. It is better to have periodicals of good quality , and not in large quantities .

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