Before you turn on your camera or even write your script, you need to know exactly who you’re going to target. Who is your prospect? What is your position? What decision-making power do you have in the organization? What are their needs, problems and responsibilities? Once you fully understand these factors, you can create an effective marketing video.

choose the right moment

The effectiveness of your video does not only depend on New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data its content. It also depends on where in the sales process you use it and if the content is consistent with that. Think about where you are with that particular client. Is it the first contact or is it part of the follow-up? If it’s a follow-up video, have you been interacting with the customer on a regular basis, or is it an attempt to revive them after they’ve gone cold? Once you know where your video needs to be in the sales process, then you can record it.

write a script
Now you can start writing your script or based on a suitable template. If you already have a phone prospecting script, you can adapt it for your video. If you don’t have one, you can build one based on the following general structure:

Begin with the greeting and a brief introduction.
Mention the relevance of this approach.
Explain exactly what the purpose of your video is.

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Develop the main messages and at the end say what the next steps are and make a call to action.
In closing, thank the prospect for their time.
Choose a thumbnail and accompanying text
Once your video is ready, you’ll need to choose an attractive thumbnail and write a short description that piques the viewer’s interest. When writing the introduction, refer to your original research and make sure you’re writing something that will appeal to your prospects. Try referring to their social media profiles, especially LinkedIn, and address them as if they were friends.

Six Good Practices for Video Prospecting

So far the basics. Now, let’s take a look at some tried and tested best practices to help you optimize your prospecting videos.

Control the length of your videos – Your videos should be short and punchy. Introduce yourself, give your message, make a call to action and close.
Include a call-to-action button in the video – Don’t just mention the call-to-action; include a button in the video that the prospect can click to take them where you want them to go.
The message in the “subject” line should grab the prospect’s attention – address the prospect by name and invite them to watch your video.
Make eye contact with the camera : Always make sure to speak to the camera. With this, the viewer will feel that you are speaking directly to him/her.
Personalize the message .
Add some text to the email – Introduce yourself and let the prospect know that your video is recorded specifically for him or her. Be creative and encourage the viewer to Bold Data click through and watch the video.
By following these steps, you should see for yourself the power of video prospecting for your business. But if you need help getting started with video prospecting or any other aspect of your digital marketing strategy

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