When a website is new or relatively unknown it is difficult to rank well for competing keywords. On the other hand, it takes time (which you lack) to write content and develop a strong online reputation. So why not think about including keywords with low competition in your SEO strategy? In this article we talk about what you need to consider when building a list of keywords with low competition and looking for the ones with the highest potential volume.

What are Low Competition Keywords?

Low competition keywords are those that you can rank for with little effort since they have not been used competitively. With these keywords, you don’t have to Oman WhatsApp Number Data build a lot of links or have high authority on your web page to attract organic traffic . They are a good starting point for a new SEO strategy.

Integrate your Keyword List

One of the steps towards a successful SEO strategy is to integrate a list of keywords. This can be done by looking at your competition’s keywords, then filtering and selecting those with low difficulty (KD). You will need to get keywords from at least five domains to find long-tail queries and more keywords rated low difficulty.

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Use this keyword list to find matching phrases and related keywords. Again, look for keywords with a low difficulty rating. Yes, we know: this can be a lot of work, but in the end, it will give you a comprehensive list of keywords with low competition that you can use.

Identify High Volume, Low Competition Keywords

A business owner could become impatient if their investment in digital marketing is not paying off quickly. One way to Bold Data combat this situation is to identify and use low-competition, high-volume keywords on your website. This will also serve as the basis for finding more challenging, high-volume keywords in the future. How do you find those low-competition, high-volume keywords to incorporate into an SEO strategy?

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