Per month Craftum Online store, landings. from 250 from 197 rubles Tilda E-shop, information projects. from 200 from 500 rubles LPgenerator Business cards, landings. from 300 from 959 rubles WIX Thematic forums, infoblogs. from 500 from $28 General principles of creating sites on the constructor They allow beginners to try their hand at practice and provide a bunch of ready-made tools. The following are general principles to keep in mind when designing.Let’s use Beget hosting as an example: We go to the official site of the provider, register and go to our control panel. Click on “Domains and subdomains” in the menu.

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Competent selection of color palette, sizes and type of fonts; development of a unique structure; content preparation – texts, images, graphics. Most importantly, there is no nee to write your own code and know the basics of programming. Here, everything was prepare by the developers, and you just have to use ready-made solutions. How to create in Craftum constructor We act according to the instructions: Go to Craftum, register and click “Create a site”. Choose Night Clubs Bars Email List a template. We use the built-in search by category. You can also use the “Blank Page” and add blocks there yourself. We have chosen for example the category “Auto/Rent a car”. The main one is now ready for us (order form, menu, phone). Next, click on the eit mode and “Customize”. We get into the eitor.

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Blocks  arrange content design, form. After making changes, click on “Publish”. Now the page opens in the browser, it has been assigne a URL and a third-level domain. The free period is 10 days. Then you will have to choose one of the paid plans, link a unique domain, add sections and start filling them with content. How Bold Data to create a site on WordPress Development on WP will be somewhat more difficult. Buy a domain first, then install it on hosting. Most hosting providers have WordPress pre-installe and the user does not nee to install anything. It only takes a couple of clicks and that’s it.

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