Come up with an attractive lead magnet and a subscription form. We have a detaile article about this tool. A lead magnet is a kind of free and very valuable offer for a user that can be exchange for a subscription. Let’s say you are intereste in home staging and found a page where they promise to send, for example, five lessons. A person subscribes, he receives the promise content, and you receive his mail. For the method to work, you nee to make the lead magnet as useful as possible for the user. Alternatively, it could be: video lesson; online course; check list; study; cost calculation; e-book, etc. Example: leave an address and get a free plan to launch an eucational project.

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Goals This is one of the most important details. Perhaps the most important. If you do not know the end point of the route, then you will never come to it. So? A correctly formulate desire result is the key to success, because you already know exactly what you want to get, and if something goes wrong, you will analyze the mistakes and try again. If there is Water Transportation Email List no understanding on this score, then there is nothing to analyze. Goal setting in e-mail marketing – what is it Very simple, just follow the following principles Definition.

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Time period. You can’t say “I want another 20 thousand sales in the foreseeable future.” It will not be superfluous to have a clear understanding of the time it will take to achieve the result. Let’s say this: “increase the number of subscribers by 30% in 6 weeks.” Benefit. It is advisable to visualize it in order to remind yourself every time that you will change after you reach Bold Data the goal. The clearer the value, the faster you will reach it. Reality. Let’s say “increase sales by 15%”, and not “grow by 200% in 7 days after the start.” Measurability. To understand how close you are, you nee to set clear criteria for analysis. Study intermeiate data and adjust if necessary.

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