Captain app , you can check emerging reviews on various review portals, thanks to which you can quickly respond to comments using only one tool. In addition, thanks to AI algorithms, the application will show you the reason and degree of dis satisfaction of the customer, so you can easily react to the opinion. In Rating Captain you will also find a number of functionalities that help you understand customers, inspire their trust and make them stay with you for longer.

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Rating Captain panel Social meia promotion tools Social meia marketing has become the standard for most companies’ promotional activities. Hence Canada Telegram Number Data the growing number of tools for creating posts, scheuling, searching for hashtags. One of such tools is PromoRepublic , where you will find a post scheuling feature in Autopilot mode, thanks to which scheule posts will be publishe at the best time to gain the greatest possible reach.

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You will also find an eitor to create posts. Another noteworthy tool is Social Champ , in which you can also scheule entries, check their results and Argentina Phone Number List receive content suggestions.Calendar of posts in PromoRepublic Social Champ panel A good idea for a long term but effective promotion of new products and the company in general in social meia is the use of storytelling , i e. creating a brand story and building a story around the product or service, because a brand is not only a logo.

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