Sooner rather than later (according to what Mastodon has said) something will come along to fill the void that Twitter will leave. Assuming the collapse of Twitter between late 2022 and early 2023, or even if it remains a shadow of its former self, we predict that a new or existing platform will emerge with Twitter-like features that allow people who use it to interact. in ways similar to those of Twitter, and which will become the next giant of social media. Could it be something that doesn’t exist yet? Will it be Mastodon? We are not sure, but there will be something.

More business opportunities will arise for Web3

Web3 is set to Philippines Phone Number Data revolutionize the way businesses operate in 2023. Building greater trust among customers and stakeholders with greater access to secure, decentralized networks. Web3-powered technologies such as NFTs (or non-fungible tokens, in Spanish) and smart contracts will open up new possibilities for B2B and B2C companies, ranging from automated transactions between parties to data storage and distributed ledger. ledger, in English) insurance. Featuring new use cases from companies like Adidas , Starbucks , Gucci , and Nike, Web3 promises a revival of more efficient, transparent and reliable online commerce. phone number list

These are exciting times for Web3 technology! And we’ll keep you posted on how fast things will move this year.

Zero-Click Content Will Continue to Gain Ground

As we saw in the prediction rating section of this post, content was king in 2022 and probably will be in 2023. However, a growing problem with content is that most marketers want audiences that consume content on your blog or channel, which means that when they try to amplify content, they will always focus on CTAs and link clicks. In a market oversaturated with content, this strategy has often failed.

Zero-click content means that when the publication is shared on Bold Data social media. There is some “meat”, whatever the value offered with the content. From the beginning with a tweet or publication, without waiting for a click from the audience to the piece of content.

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