Could a Brand stand out from the competition without a quality community? How important are human relationships in the success of a brand? Today I bring you a slightly different post, but it has given me enormous pleasure to write it and it seemed to me that it was time to thank all those people who make Twitter Profiles it possible for the “experts” to continue going strong with their projects and visibility. It is a thank you to all of you who make a community the main piece in an online event. In this article I give you a summary of what the Raiola Marketing Conference was, but in a different way .

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Tweets from those people who have made this event possible. You! Thank you for making us enjoy and vibrate so much with our work. This event was a total executive email list success in terms of attendance and quality of the speakers who spoke about SEO, Digital Marketing, web design, copy, Bots, Social Networks or networking. But this was to be expected, since the effort of the Raiola Networks team was very great and they deserved it. But what surprised me most about this event was the complicity between the audience and the speakers/organizers. At times it felt like it was a rather family event and that has made it different. In the end it encouraged me to write this post about the importance of having a strong and quality community behind a project or brand. It is that community that will make your project stand out from the competition.

Twitter Profiles this post

I want to highlight those people, in some way provide them. With the visibility that they have provided to us . We always see posts where experts are mentioned, well today. I want BOLD Data to mention those profiles that you may not know and. Who can add a lot of value to your community! This event held by AulaCM has been a good reflection of the importance for a Brand to have a great community behind it. It was their first mega event and they have managed to be worldwide, incredible. And I can assure you that in large part due to the “sect” community as many say, which is faithful to them and what they organize. Raiola rules and not the panda.

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